New U Life™ Homeopathic SOMADERM™ Gel is the ONLY transdermal, FDA registered human growth hormone (HGH) product available without a prescription. The molecular breakdown of HGH found in SOMADERM™ Gel is a synthetic USP human growth hormone (somatropin).  

Dr. Oz Speaks About HGH

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Human​ ​Growth​ ​Hormone​ ​(HGH)​ ​is​ ​a​ ​single-chain​ ​peptide​ ​hormone​ ​produced​ ​from​ ​the​ ​pituitary gland,​ ​the​ ​master​ ​gland​ ​in​ ​the​ ​body.​ ​This​ ​is​ ​the​ ​hormone​ ​that​ ​helps​ ​you​ ​grow​ ​throughout​ ​childhood, hence​ ​the​ word​ ​“growth”.​ ​Around​ ​the​ ​age​ ​of​ ​20​ ​HGH​ ​is​ ​at​ ​it’s​ ​peak,​ ​and​ ​then​ ​plummets​ ​around​ ​the age​ ​of​ ​25.​ ​This​ ​is​ ​when​ ​the​ ​dreadful​ ​aging​ ​process​ ​begins,​ ​as​ ​this​ ​hormone​ ​slowly​ ​declines​ ​for​ ​the rest​ ​of​ ​your​ ​life.​ ​But​ ​don’t​ worry,​ ​growing​ ​isn’t​ ​the​ ​only​ ​thing​ ​HGH​ ​is​ ​good​ ​for.​ ​Many​ ​experts​ ​say​ ​that elevating​ ​growth​ ​hormone​ ​when​ ​you​ ​are​ ​older​ ​can​ ​bring​ ​back​ ​your​ ​levels​ ​to​ ​when​ ​you​ ​were​ ​in​ ​your 20’s.​ ​Most​ ​people​ ​experience​ ​these​ ​​benefits​ ​in​ ​as​ ​little​ ​as​ ​two​ ​weeks.

What Exactly Is HGH?

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What If You Could Look & Feel 20 Years Younger?

  • Benefits From Months 1, 2 & 3 Are Heightened & More Consistent
  • Please Understand That Although Results May Seem To Vanish, Your Body May Utilize The HGH Hormone For Tissue Repair. Tests Indicate That The Benefits Resume With Continued Use

Expected Benefits

  • Improved Stamina
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Vivid Dreams

  • Improved Muscle Definition
  • Heightened Libido
  • Healthier Skin
  • Increased Strength 
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Vision

  • Benefits Of Month 1 & 2 Improve
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Hair Growth
  • Enhanced Muscle Mass
  • PMS Symptoms Reduced
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Healthier Nails
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Increased Sexual Desire
  • Reduced Menopausal Symptoms

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 6

Month 4

Month 5

  • Significant Weight Loss
  • Improved Skin Texture & Appearance
  • Skin Has Greater Elasticity
  • Reduction Of The Appearance Of Wrinkles
  • Hair Becomes Even Healthier & Thicker

  • Benefits From Previous Months Are Heightened Even More
  • Cellulite Greatly Diminishes
  • Improved Immune System
  • Pain & General Soreness Diminishes
  • Wounds Heal Quicker
  • Greater Metabolic Output
  • Grayed Hair Begins To Return To Natural Color
  • Reduction In LDL Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure Normalizes

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Dr. Georgia Balsley On HGH Gel

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Does #TheGel work???? I have been on this for about 4 weeks.

I am a Registered Nurse and I was skeptical at best because I have suffered with fatigue and insomnia for years!

You tell me.... I am 51 years old:

✔️Night 😴💤sweats are gone 🚫

✔️ Sleeping like a baby with NO Lunesta (saving me almost $400)

✔️ I have more energy 💥 than I did in my 30's

✔️I am dropping ⬇️ body fat WITHOUT doing ANY exercise

✔️I have not changed my diet OR been to the gym in 2+ years.

✔️Getting toned

✔️Wrinkles softer and skin getting smooth

✔️ I have #Hashimotos disease and always had an afternoon crash around 1 p.m. I no longer have that!

✔️ Libido ⬆️⬆️⬆️❤️

I dunno 🤷. Does it work???? 

~ Susanne Zavelle

Personal Testimonials

Ok so I hesitated to post this but this is after 5 weeks on the GEL! This is same lighting and same location where I sit and do my work at home! 😀

Left was taken prior and Right is today!

I can see a brightness, less pores, a few less wrinkles and much softer! Age 57!

I’ve changed nothing in my skincare routine!! #lovethegel 😀💪 #happy

~ Caroline Holley Hannah

First week, Sleep was better, muscular and cardio endurance was noticeably better, and recovery time was cut in half after workouts and athletic competition. Baseball, Basketball, Hockey.

Currently I’m down 30lbs of body fat at 188 and feel better than I have in decades. I sleep deeply through the night and my mood is much calmer, although the inventory issue is putting that to the test. 

Pics are at 6 weeks at 209 lbs and 10 weeks at 191 lbs. I regret not taking the before pic at 218, but honestly I didn’t think results would come this quickly.


~ Michael Snell

6 weeks on the gel. Down 30 lbs! The energy I have and the gains I’m seeing are amazing! I feel like I’m in my 20s again! I am in the best shape of my life! I cannot wait to see long term results.

~ Aaron Dore

3 weeks into the gel and as of this morning, I have lost 6 lbs! The Before pictures were taken on June 29th and the After was taken July 23rd. For the last 2 weeks I have been on vacation with my mother’s cooking so I have not been starving myself by any means or doing any form of real exercise. Once I hit my 40’s, I had hit a plateau with my weight and my tummy area was something that just wasn’t changing no matter what I did, but that has now changed! A part of me keeps thinking this is too good to be true and there’s got to be another reason I lost this weight, but I KNOW it’s the gel! I haven’t been at this size in 2 years no matter how hard I tried! I’m excited to see continued progress in other areas, too! #getonthegel

~ Tanya Neff

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